German technical assistance program (GTZ) in Theth.

Since 1988 there has been development cooperation between  Germany  and  Albania moving toward EU integration. The focus of the work is on sustainable economic development and water supply. The GTZ water project advises on improving conditions for a safe drinking water supply and sustainable waste water disposal.
In Theth the GTZ has provided funds for the first homes to be capable of receiving family tourists. Nature and water in that area are well known for their curative properties with regards to health since 1915 with analysis performed by the
Austrians. GTZ has supported tourism giving some families a lot of money since 2000. This in turn has created the opportunity for families to have better facilities to
host foreigners in their homes. GTZ’s support is made in light of its projects to strengthen the private sector in Albania.
GTZ has been supporting private sector tourism throughout Albania to organize a national association. The Albanian Association of Tourism, has been operating since 2008, in Albania and includes three main sectors, hotels, travel agencies and restaurants, which are the basis of tourism business.

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