How you can get to Thethi ?

If we are in Tirana and we would like to visit Thethi, we must follow this route: In Tirana there are two stations where you can depart to Shkodra:
a.The Buses to Shkodra depart from a place close to Tirana Train Station.
b.The Station for small buses is located at a place called the black bird in Tirana.
When you arrive in Shkodra you can get a Taxi to go RUS where there is the station of all different kinds of vehicles that drive to Thethi. To get information about the departure timetable of
small buses to Thethi you can get in touch with Pashuku an inhabitant of Thethi who owns a coffe shop at the station where the small buses do depart to Thethi.
In Thethi you can go bye
         1.  With the car you are driving, big or small. (Four Wheel Drives are preferred ).
         2.  With small buses that belong to the inhabitants of the area and include eight to ten seats .
         3.  With four wheel drives that belong to inhabitants of the area.
The route you will take:
When you depart from Shkodra you will follow the new road up to Koplik. In the center of Koplik you should keep right on the asphalt road beside the lavenda - planted fields until you arrive in Dedaj. In the Village of Dedaj of Shkrel keep right because the road on your left takes you to Razem. In the center of Dedaj you may stop to drink or eat something in a nice and beautiful enivornment with a good service. While you drive on the road through the nice valley of Shkrel you will find yourself in the village of Boga a place where you can taste the nice water that flows from the craggy mountains and waters the meadows which make your trip much nicer. 
As soon as you leave the village of Boge the non asphalted road starts The road which according to the promise made by the government will soon be asphalted. In front of you there will appear the OKOLI field of Boge which is sourrended with very fascinating lime mountains. If you are traveling to Thethi during the end of July or at the beginning of August as soon as you leave the field of Okol you will find strawberries which have a very special and impressive taste that you will keep for a long time in your minds. The way goes ahead in graggy slopes to climb afterwards in the top of Thore, which is a very nice road even though it is a little bit difficult. As soon as you reach the top of Thore Mountain there will appear in front of you a wonderful view where you can also see the valley of Shala. By continuing further up the road, you arrive at a place which is called the ‘’grave of Triesht ‘’ which has received this name because at this place long time ago there died a person from Triesh of Montenegro. About 100 meters away you will find a memory slab in respect of Edith Durham the wellknown British writer that visited and wrote for all these regions during 1905. In her book ‘’ Balkan Grievs ‘’ she has spoken with a great admiration of the inhabitants of Thethi.
The panorama that appears in this place.
From this point you can see an exceptional view of Thethi from above. Even from this point you can see the top of Valbona which is in a straight line with Thethi, and at top of Valbona is located the mountain of Alija which is very beautiful. In continuation is the top mountain of Peje from where you can go to Plava and Gucia. At the left of the top of Peje is located the top of Harapi which includes a challenge for the best alpinists in Europe. In the left of Hrapi top is located the ring of Vizhina, which is the top from where you can go in Kelemend of Malesia e Madhe. By going again left we can see the top mountain of Radohima which is about 2 570 meters high to which a special characteristic is one eyelet in the middle. Then come the neckbands of goats which in times of snow it connects Thethi with the village of Boga and Shkodra and when there is good weather this neckband will be not used. In winter this place is perfect for skiing. In the right of Valbona neckband there is the top mountain of Plishit 2471 meter high where you always can find snow and by going ahead on the right is the neckband of Derzave which connects Thethi with Nikaj and Mertur.
After you have seen the wonderful panorama you can go through a road inside the forest of oak by going down to a place called ;Nan Shteg : and by going further this road divideds in two directions: to Okol and   Gjeçaj. Ex Holiday house is now being reconstructed and is located in Gjecaj. If you would like to go further down the road will take you to the centre of the village where on your way you can also have a rest at the Gjecaj watershed which is very beautiful and special. In the centre there is a map with conventional signs which displays any information you may need to know regarding the village of Thethi. The mountain road goes alongside the beautiful river of Thethi which contains blue water and is very clean. After you have passed alongside of the village and you have decided to continue your way to Shala you can have a rest in the water shed of Grunas which is the most beautiful water shed in Albania. Before you go to Nderlyese you can also find the truck of Grunas. Nderlyese is a section of Thethi and is located between two Rivers, that descend from Thethi and the River that descend from Kaprreja. She has a very special panorama which can not be compared for its beauty with any other Alpine of European countries.

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